Sibel’s Four Seasons Cafe & Restaurant

Welcome to Sibel’s Four Seasons Cafe & Restaurant build traditionally from blocks of stone and wood, situated in a superb scenic location a the foot of Mount Tahtalı in the small mountain village of Beycik.

Fancy home cooking style Turkish dishes with many local specialities?

Or you are simply hungry and thirsty after a long hike in the Lycian Taurus mountains?

Please understand that we cook with fresh ingredients, specifically according to your order, and that this type of food preparation takes time. If you are in a hurry, please discuss before ordering. We can advise you on the cooking times of the respective dishes.

Please ask for the Soup of the Day,  Mezzes  (Starters) and Daily Specials!

The very positive feedback of our guests (even on the platform TripAdvisor – see here) inspire us every day to serve the best possible food.

An example of a typical recomendation you would get in our restaurant:

Try for a starter our bulgur balls filled with minced meat (icli köfte). This is a very special dish because its difficult to make. When people in our country have important guests for dinner, they make icli kofte to show how important the visitor is for the house owner.

In between choose Beycik salad from wild herbs, fresh lettuce, dried and fresh fruits from our garden garnished with Beycik’s goat cheese. For dressing we use a mixture of our home made pomegranate syrup with olive oil.

As a main dish we recommend our goat ragout cooked in a clay pot.  Shepherds with their large goat herds move around in the surrounding mountains like in the old times and thus provide this superb meat which has a faint taste of thyme and oregano, which goats like to feed so much.

Children like our pasta with small meat balls and a light tomatoes sauce or chocolate pancakes, a recipe which is actually from Austria.

Complete your meal with a choice from our homemade desserts. The lemon cheesecake is among the most popular ones.

Ingredients – Our Philosophy

We believe that good cooking depends a lot of on the ingredients and side dishes. Therefore we put a lot of effort into their preparation.

Breads that we serve, as well as all jams, confiture, yogurt – yoghurt drinks are homemade. Our butter and eggs are Beycik products. The delicious tomato paste, with which we refine high quality olive oil and red paprika four food are produced in our family. Not to forget the vine leaves, mulberry, pomegranate and many various delicious fruits that we generate with no chemicals in our garden for ourselves and for our guests.


You are traveling with Kids?
You want to explore the beautiful surroundings of Beycik?

In our restaurant garden live four donkies  and a donkey foal.  Before or after the meal  your kids and you can enyoy  a guided donkey tour  through our lovely, rustic  village and/or enyoy playing  in the sandbox with many toys.

If you are keen to hike more than 150km waymarked trails around our mountain village of Beycik are awaiting you!

  • After reading the reviews here we decided to take the Waterfall trek with Christian and his donkeys to the waterfall in the foothills of mt Olympos. We were staying about five minutes drive from the beach at Cirali and drove up to Beycik escaping the heat, dust and chaotic streets of Cirali. We arrived and had a few refreshing drinks at Christian and Sibels restaurant before leaving at around 5pm for a trek through the woods to a refreshing waterfall with another UK Family. Our 6 year old son really enjoyed the donkey ride during the trek. Some parts he had to walk over rougher ground or down steep descents where staying on the donkey would not have been sensible! which was fine (he is like a little mountain goat!) The waterfall was still impressive even in August, the water was refreshing to swim in and to cool down. Leading the donkeys was fun for the adults to. Arriving back at the restaurant we sat down to a fabulous meal that Sibel had prepared. What a way to send a evening, thoroughly recommend it! Just a little tip take good foot ware, tevas, trainers etc.

    bobbinmanTripadvisor Review
  • We spent a few days in Beycik, It was such a relief after the packed beach of Cirali in August and the heat down there. Christian and Sibel are wonderful hosts, they take their time to explain the area and as much as you'd like to know about what's happening there (amazing how many international people seem to have quietly settled in Beycik). The walks around here with Christian were absolutely delightful, fantastic views and a whole ancient city to discover. The donkey ride is great for small kids and Sibel's food is delicious with its local ingredients. Overall highly recommended. Michael

    Michael H.
    Michael H.Tripadvisor Reviews
  • Great 2.5h walk through national park to ruins of ancient city/viewpoint. Stop at Sibel's Cafe & Restaurant to get directions and suggestions for hiking (and food/drinks)!

    Marco7PoloTripadvisor Reviews

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