Day tours in Turkey (Lycia)

If you are on holiday southwest of Antalya in the small villages of Cıralı, Olympos or Adrasan, or in the bigger resorts of Tekirova, Kemer or Beldibi, you can choose among our very special day tours in order to have a real encounter with nature and the culture of our region. All of our tours are off the beaten track and you will have wonderful experiences in small groups. Some of our tours are especially designed for small children (e.g. donkey tours) and, in general, all of our tours are suitable for children, but sometimes there is a recommendation of minimum age.

Most of our activities are located around the mountain village of Beycik, which is situated in the middle of Olympos National Park. Beycik is easy to reach by car, 20 to 40 minutes from the above mentioned holiday villages or we can organize transfers.

Although we prefer a very personal, informal style, all of our activities are within the legal framework of our fully-licensed travel agency.

  • Children and parents love our donkey through the mountain village of Beycik near Cıralı and through a canyoun to the beautiful waterfall. In summer you can cool off here.
    Walking with donkeys in Turkey - Half day tour to the waterfall of Beycik
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  • In the vicinity of Beycik a spectacular waterfall can be found. It is situated in a canyon with steep rock walls.
    Waterfall Tour
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  • Laodiceia Tour: This easy-medium hike takes you to Laodiceia, a hidden former Lycian-Roman settlement in a remote region on Mount Olympos. A romantic shepherds’ path leads along the slope of Mount Olympos to the ruins with little altitude difference. The path winds its way through patches of Turkish pine (Pinus brutia) and ancient agricultural terraces, which are covered mainly with styrax shrub (Styrax officinalis), turpentine tree (Pistacia terebinthus) and Kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera).
    Day Hike
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  • Mount Olympus (Turkish: Tahtalı) dominates, with its vertical limestone walls, the coastline between Kemer and Cıralı. Despite its very alpine appearance it's technically not difficult to hike the mountain. A nice path winds it way up from Beycik village through dense stands of Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) to a ridge where we have a break and enjoy packed lunches.
    Mountain Tour - Mt. Olympos (Turkish: Tahtalı, 2365m)
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  • Discover the Beycik cave, a beautiful stalactite cave in the vicinity of the village. The cave was discovered by some nature enthusiasts in 2010, after some hints from a local villager.
    Hike to the stalactite cave of Beycik near Cıralı
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  • Authentic Turkish Cooking Course with Sibel. Sibel is the chef of the Sibel's Four Seasons Cafe & Restaurant, one of the leading home-cooking style retaurants in the Antalya Region.
    Cooking Course
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